Upcoming T@CST forums and event summaries.

SUMMARY: VCSEL/Laser arrays, LiDar and LiFi technology forum – 16th May 2019.

The VCSEL/Laser arrays, LiDar and LiFi technology forum was held on 16th May 2019 at The University of West Scotland Hamilton Campus, Glasgow. The key enablers, agreed at the VCSEL/Laser arrays, LiDar and LiFi technology forum, were as follows:

Pipeline of talent from grass roots, apprenticeships and universities.

Market readiness:
Develop a technology ecosystem to prove maturity, and also:
    Establish links between producers and end-users.
    Identify easy wins in niche markets.

Technology maturity:
Establish manufacturing standards and approvals.

Ensure access to investment.

Industrial environment:
Develop a robust supply chain.

Political support:
Lobbying to gain socio/economic awareness.

Keynote speakers at the VCSEL/Laser arrays, LiDar and LiFi technology forum were:

Euan Livingston
VP Sales and Marketing, CST Global.
Market summary.

Dr. Iain Eddie
Senior Device Development Engineer, CST Global.
Technology overview.

Jim Haynes
Rockley Photonics.
Ultra-high volume, silicon photonics solutions.

Dr. Alastair McInroy
Technology Scotland.
Mobility as a service (MaaS).

Chris Tate
Pure LiFi.
LiFi technology, benefits and applications.

Dr Ole Kock
Teledyne e2v.
Atomic clocks-commercial considerations.

Mark Western
Scottish Enterprise.
Funding options and opportunities.

SUMMARY: Quantum technology and atomic clock forum – 15th November.

The first T@CST forum was held on 15th November 2018 at The House of an Art Lover, Glasgow. It covered Quantum technologies and atomic clocks. Keynote speakers at the Quantum Technology forum were:

Stephen Taylor
CEO of Technology Scotland

Carol Monaghan
MP for Glasgow North West

Prof. Trevor Cross
CTO & Head of Quantum Technologies, Teledyne e2v.

Dr. Thomas Slight
Research Engineer, CST Global.

Prof. Sir Peter Knight
Senior Research Investigator at Imperial College and Senior Fellow in Residence at the Kavli Royal Society International Centre at Chicheley Hall.

The key enablers, agreed at the Quantum Technology forum, were as follows:

Raise awareness of engineering career opportunity options.

Market readiness:
Produce prototypes and demonstrators.

Technology maturity:
Develop a supply chain.

Ensure sustained funds for development project continuity.

Industrial environment:
Collaboration between companies.

Political support:
Lobbying as a collective industry voice.

Upcoming T@CST forums.

The next T@CST forums are planned for the following dates and will cover the technology areas shown.

November 21st 2019
High-Power IR Technology.

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