About Technology @ CST

The forum for the commercialization of photonics technology.

Our Mission.

To establish the enabling factors necessary to take photonics technologies from research projects into mainstream applications.

How we work at the T@CST forums.

Each T@CST forum includes attendees with academic, engineering, industrial, political, funding and press expertise. Together they establish and agree the critical enablers to commercialising new and existing compound semiconductor technologies in the following key areas.

  • Talent
  • Market readiness
  • Technology maturity
  • Economics including funding and investment
  • Industrial environment
  • Political support

An ENABLER is a capability, force, and resource that contributes to the success of an entity, program, or project.

What happens after each T@CST forum.


Following each T@CST forum, attendees can explore each critical enabler further using this website. As a collective we will establish what should happen next and how; who should be responsible; and propose a time frame for actions to be completed.

A moderator is appointed for each enabling area. The T@CST forum follow up is managed, here, with the moderated forum discussion in each enabling area published online. The forum moderators ensure the forum remains focused and reports the results and decisions taken by the forum at the following T@CST event.

T@CST forum moderators.

The following experts have volunteered to moderate each of the discussion forum categories within the T@CST Discussion Forum:

Prof. Richard Hogg, Professor of Photonics, University of Glasgow.

Market readiness:
Dr. Anke Lohman, Director, ESP.

Technology maturity:
Dr. Ole Kock, Technical Authority – Quantum Sensors, Teledyne e2v.

Mark Western; Technology Sector manager, Scottish Enterprise.

Industrial environment:
Stephen Taylor, CEO, Technology Scotland.

Political support:
Ronnie Smith, Chief Executive, Lanarkshire Business Gateway.

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