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The forum for the commercialization of photonics technology.

The T@CST forum is focused on the successful commercialization of photonics technologies.

The T@CST forum is focused on the successful commercialization of new, photonics and III V compound semiconductor technologies. We seek to identify the critical enabling factors necessary to take these technologies from research projects into mainstream applications.

T@CST attendees are industry experts, including Academics, Engineers, Industrialists, Politicians, Funding Organizations and the Press. Their collective expertise helps to correctly pin point the most critical, enabling factors to photonics commercialisation and expedite the process.

The T@CST forum also seeks to coordinate knowledge, opinion, legislation, funding recommendation and influence for government and industry. All forum participants recognize the contribution key, enabling, photonics technologies can make to Scottish and UK GDPs in this large, rapidly growing, enabling industry.

SUMMARY: ‘VCSEL arrays, LiDar and LiFi technology’ forum, 16th May 2019.

The T@CST forum event held on 16th May 2019 covered the commercialization of ‘VCSEL arrays, LiDar and LiFi technology’.

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The key enablers agreed are listed below.

Pipeline of talent from grass roots, apprenticeships and universities.

Market readiness:
Develop a technology ecosystem to prove maturity, and also:
    Establish links between producers and end-users.
    Identify easy wins in niche markets.

Technology maturity:
Establish manufacturing standards and approvals.

Ensure access to investment.

Industrial environment:
Develop a robust supply chain.

Political support:
Lobbying to gain socio/economic awareness.

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Upcoming T@CST forums.

The next T@CST forums are planned for the following dates and will cover the technology areas shown.

November 21st 2019
High-Power IR Technology.

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